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“The Land of the Sky”

Welcome to Buncombe County, one of the hottest destination spots for tourists both nationally and internationally. Buncombe County, also called “The Land of the Sky” is a heavenly place situated by the Smoky Mountains. This serene county is home to friendly locals which have made the county into a hot spot for tourists from all around the world.

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Truly a wonder to behold.

The county is home to a part of the Smoky Mountains which give the county a cool and calm climate. It is due to the mountains that the county is safe from severe weather, outside of the occasional heavy snow of course. It is truly a wonder to behold how the people have adapted to living in this place and how they have reduced their ecological footprint to preserve the surrounding nature.

The county prides itself on its tourist value as it has made significant efforts to make the county as friendly as possible. There are various lodging options for people from all walks of life and the county offers multiple activities that make it the destination spot for a weekend getaway. It is also home to one of the largest nature parks this side of the US making Buncombe county a must-see for every nature lover out there.